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Applied Linguistics B.A.
College of Letters and Science
Division of Humanities

About the Major
Applied Linguistics is an exciting discipline that investigates language with relevance to issues in the everyday world. Situated in discursive and interactional contexts, language is essential to all aspects of life from personal to social. Interdisciplinary in nature, Applied Linguistics sheds new light on the nature of language and language use.

The Applied Linguistics major involves both theory-research and practice. On the theory-research side, it provides students with the opportunity to investigate the links between language, culture, social organization, and learning. On the practical side, with its focus on service learning, it engages students in the community, schools, and work places of our geographic setting. The major encourages students to reflect on their lives with regard to language use from a variety of perspectives and experiences and to bring to bear the academic resources of their education on their reflections.

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