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Environmental Science B.S.
College of Letters and Science

About the Major
The Environmental Science B.S. program represents strong collaboration by the Institute of the Environment and the Departments of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Earth and Space Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Health Sciences, and Geography. The program is designed for students who are deeply interested in the study of environmental science. There are two components to the program, and both must be completed to receive the degree. The first component, the Environmental Science major, requires completion of lower division requirements grounded in basic natural sciences, a six-course upper division environmental science requirement reflecting the disciplinary breadth of environmental science, two social sciences/humanities courses, participation in an ongoing environmental science colloquium, and completion of an environmental science practicum. The second component is a minor or concentration in one of eight environmental science areas, each associated with a particular department. With assistance from Institute of the Environment staff, students must formally apply to and be accepted by the associated department to receive the minor.

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Department of Environment and Sustainability
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