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Study Area

Earth and Environmental Science B.A.
College of Letters and Science
Division of Physical Sciences

About the Major
The Bachelor of Arts program in Earth Sciences is intended to provide a broad background in Earth sciences that is especially appropriate for students intending to become K through 12 teachers in Earth, physical, or life sciences. It may also be of interest to students who plan careers in environmental sciences, law, government, business, journalism, public health, medicine, or dentistry. Those who intend to become professional geologists, geochemists, or geophysicists and/or to continue into graduate studies in Earth or space sciences are urged to pursue one of the B.S. degrees.

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences in the General Catalog

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Contact Information
Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences
595 Charles Young Drive East, Box 951567
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567

The requirements listed above are from the UCLA General Catalog.
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